The Father

“Only you have seen this?” he asked the eager-faced official. 

“Yes. The findings are too explosive.”

He agreed and put a single bullet through the official’s brain. “Way too explosive.” 

Genetics had made him. Since the heavy use of pesticides had eliminated sperm from most men, those with immunity like himself had taken on an almost religious role.

The survival of the species depended on them. Barely a thousand men to maintain the population. 

Wealth and beauty decided who would have the privilege of impregnation. 

They came daily to his chambers. He refused none. 

He read the report once more: “Antidote could return sperm levels to historic levels.”        

He lit the corner of the paper and let it burn to ash. A light appeared on his desk, letting him know another seeker of the gift of life was waiting in his bedchamber.

He would dispose of the body later. Now he had his duty to perform.   



  1. A terrifying prospect..! Declining sperm counts have been in the news lately, I was wondering about writing something related to it too, but then I promptly moved on to something else! I like your take on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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