He started to dissolve at 6:15 on Monday evening July 31st, exactly as he had predicted.

He feet went first, which was a surprise. He’d expected hands and arms to go first. But his feet melted into puddles around him.

He lay back as he lost his knees then his thighs.

This was good, he thought. All very painless. The liquid he became was also a surprise. He’d expected a muddy brown but it was almost a clear liquid. And odourless.

As his torso and internal organs started to go he felt light-headed but otherwise was aware of his surroundings.

He checked the plant he had exposed to the same gas. It was as he expected, unaffected. There was no adverse reaction at all.

It gave him an immense source of pride and pleasure to realise, as he dissolved into oblivion that he had solved the over-population problem without any impact at all on the natural world.









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