The Bailiff 

Since people had learnt that the secret to eternal, or at least very long, life lay in the regular replacement of their failing body parts, he had worked as a bailiff. 

It was the one job with guaranteed job security. He would always be able to pay his bills. 

He pulled up outside the house of his latest client. It was a typical case. Both kidneys and the liver had gone some years earlier. 

Probably had a good job then. Got the delux models. Didn’t read the small print. Didn’t keep up the repayments. Went on the run. 

Now he had tracked him down. 

He knocked on the door which opened and a three hundred year old man peered round. 

There was no discussion. He put the tranquilliser dart straight into his neck and started the retrieval process.

His real kidneys and liver had been kept on ice. He would get them back.

No one ever read the small print. “If you don’t keep up the payments your organs may be at risk.”


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